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Posted: April 22, 2011 in Photography, Technology

I love photography, don’t you? There’s so many creative things you can do. I can’t wait until the weather gets better just so I can go outside and get some cool shots to play around with.

I am getting more and more into animations. I will be posting some fun stuff here soon. There’s so many great things you can do with animation. I love the idea of a photo, that comes to life, but is not quite a video. 

Here is the idea. .. Click on the picture and see what happens. Let me know if you have something specific you’d like to see. I love getting project ideas from other people. 🙂

You may need to click HERE .



Posted: March 10, 2011 in Photography

Recently we got a new member of our family. Butch. He’s a Chihuahua/Pug mix and he’s tiny and adorable. I’ve been trying to think of ways to get cute pictures of him. The problem is, if he’s awake he is all over the place and just way to crazy to get anything creative. Therefore, I have to take them when he is passed out.

Last weekend I put him in a cereal bowl and had some success. He actually stayed asleep and I was able to make him a “Cocoa Puff.” So far it’s a big hit. What shall we try next??

The little Cocoa Puff


Posted: February 14, 2011 in Photography

Saturday was a Valentines party at the Powerhouse events center with dinner & comedy. Of course I shot the photos of the night, which you can find HERE. There was a really great turn out. The house was packed for the first show. The comedians were good and it seemed like everyone got some good laughs and had a good time. I do enjoy shooting these types of things since most everyone seems happy and really enjoying themselves. Not to mention I had about 16 friends that came to the show in honor of my birthday! Overall, a great success!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone! Whether you’re single, divorced, married or whatever… you can believe that Vday is really just a Hallmark holiday, like I do, but still there is nothing wrong with another excuse/reason to tell our friends and family that we love them! You don’t have to buy flowers or candy for that! Just use your words and express to the special people in your life how you feel. Don’t wait until it’s too late. ❤